Precautions for using medical gauze swabs

Precautions for using medical gauze swabs


    It is often used in hospitals. In many times, we also use medical gauze swabs, so it has become a must-have item in the family medicine cabinet. Although many people will use gauze swabs, there are some small details that are rarely noticed. The following small series will be shared with everyone.

    Before use, the injured area and the surrounding skin should be disinfected, cleaned and dried, then apply the ointment, apply the disinfected medical gauze block, and then fix the gauze block with medical tape.

    The production process of medical gauze swabs is very strict, and there are strict procedures from material selection to processing to packaging. However, there are many manufacturers of gauze swabs on the market, and the quality of the products is also uneven. We must strictly follow the product descriptions and precautions when using them.

    Medical products are the same as food. When using, check whether the packaging is sealed. The date of manufacture and the effective date are clearly confirmed. The expired ones are unusable.

    In addition, the medical gauze block can not be reused because it is not dirty. It is a disposable medical product. In order to prevent the spread of bacteria and the safety of the user, please avoid repeated use.

    In addition, in order to protect the environment in which we live, medical waste should be treated specially, and it cannot be littered everywhere. The hospital and the environmental protection department have relevant and clear regulations, and can be implemented according to the regulations.

    For the normal storage of medical gauze swabs, we have to choose a dry and ventilated environment, no irritating polluting gas, and away from flammable materials and easy to catch fire.

    Through some introductions on the details of the use of medical gauze swabs, I believe that many people will be safe and hygienic when they use them again. If you want to buy medical gauze swabs and other related medical products, please feel free to contact us!