Production requirements for medical cotton swabs

The medical cotton swab produced by my company is in accordance with the national regulations and standards. Please feel free to purchase.

The company refers to the advanced production machine, but the latest science and technology, the specific requirements are as follows.

Requirements for the rod of medical cotton swab:

A) the stick surface of the swab or paper stick should be smooth and without burr, and no stains or foreign bodies should be included.

B) if it is used as a medical cotton swab made of wood sticks and bamboo sticks, it should ensure that the surface should be smooth and unbroken, and no stain or foreign material shall be allowed.

Requirements for cotton wool in front of medical cotton:

A) before making medical swabs tampon pledget quality completely conform to the requirements of the state of YY0330-2002, our company holds "medical device registration certificate, our company's products are pass strict inspection before they go out standards;

B) cotton fiber before medical cotton swab should be soft, white and odorless, and can not have macula, stain or foreign body.