Proper selection and use of surgical masks

The current situation of medical treatment in China determines that the comprehensive hospital is the first place to find infectious diseases, and its medical staff are inevitably exposed to all kinds of infectious diseases.


Because of its special transmission way, respiratory infectious diseases become the typical representative of difficult and difficult to control.

The use of surgical masks is an inevitable trend.

Clinical medical workers wear masks, is effectively prevent pathogens enter the body through respiratory tract in the simple isolation method, can achieve the result of two-way protection between medical staff and patients, can prevent disease from patients to medical personnel, and can prevent the disease from medical personnel to patients.

It is of great significance to choose and use the mask correctly and to protect hospital patients, medical staff and prevention of respiratory infectious diseases.

Commonly used masks the types and technical standards, medical surgical masks in 2004, the state food and drug administration issued the pharmaceutical industry in our country standard medical surgical masks, technical requirements, the appearance, size of medical surgical masks, nose clip, filtration efficiency, flow resistance, synthetic blood through blocking performance, surface wet resistance, flame retardant performance, skin irritation and identification performance make that clear.