Protective Clothing Vs Isolation Clothing

The difference between the function of isolation clothing and protective clothing:

(1) different definitions:

Isolation clothing: protective clothing used by medical personnel to protect patients from exposure to blood, body fluids and other infectious substances.

Protective clothing: disposable protective clothing worn by medical personnel when they come into contact with patients with class a or infectious diseases under the management of class a infectious diseases.

(2) different USES:

The isolation clothing is used in the isolation area, namely in the hospital, while the protective clothing is used in the CDC.

(3) there are also differences for patients:

Wear isolation clothing: contact with patients with infectious diseases transmitted by contact, such as patients with infectious diseases, and patients with multi-drug resistant bacteria infection;Patients were kept in protective isolation, such as those with large burns and bone grafts.To prevent infection by spillage of blood, body fluids, secretions and effluents of patients.In a word, the isolation clothing is used for patients who are closely isolated, contact isolated and protective isolated.

Wear protective clothing: when exposed to patients with infectious diseases transmitted by air or by droplets, patients may be exposed to spillage of blood, body fluids, secretions, and effluents.But this patient is not very serious and it's just a general infection.

(4) different materials: 

protective clothing is disposable, while isolation clothing is not.