Standard for disposable medical masks

Mask is one of our most commonly used articles of daily life. It can help us to block harmful gases and smells. It can be seen from this that the quality of disposable medical masks is important, so for disposable medical masks, what requirements should be met? What are the criteria? How does it differ from a normal gauze mask?

Surgical masks to make standard should conform to the requirements of the national mask technology, face mask can be divided into a rectangular and closed type, shall be equipped with a nose clip, have good surface wet resistance, no stimulation to the skin, the air flow resistance under the condition of the air flow is 85 l/min, inspiratory resistance shall not exceed 35 mmh2o, particle filter efficiency of filter material shall not be less than 95%, also can use first up to the standard of N95 or FFP2 face mask.

In fact, for any medical gauze mask, in actual use should meet the requirements of filtering air impurities. It is important to protect the human body.

Disposable medical masks can effectively block dust, foreign matter, etc. from entering the human mouth and respiratory tract, prevent cross-infection of germs, and remove harmful gases, odors, etc. From the air. Disposable masks are cheap, according to face the radian design, can more tiejin face, all sorts of color, to meet the be fond of of different populations, printed fashion, printed masks is travel security guard must be the product. Disposable printing mask together with a unique printing appearance, can not lose the beauty while protecting the human respiratory tract, widely used in daily life to isolate the dust, anti-virus.