Sterilized gauze film

It is made of absorbent cotton gauze, which is mainly used for medical or medical disinfection and sterilization. The product is white and water absorbent, which is used by medical treatment units for the application of debridement nursing and health care.

Specification and size: according to the requirements of the customer, medical sterilization packing bags refer to the manufacturer's qualification: ISO13485 certification, CFR820, FDA certification, 100,000 level purification workshop, 5000 square meters workshop, registered capital of 5 million.

Executive standard: ISO11607,EN868 and GB/T19633.

Relevant standards: ISO14644 ISO10993, ISO14971, ISO11135 / GB18279 ethylene oxide sterilization, ISO11137 irradiation sterilization, ISO11134 GB18278 / ISO17665 (NEW) wet and heat sterilization

Product category: paper bag;

Paper-plastic bag;

Blister cover material;

Blister paper;

Dialysis paper;

Plastic plastic bags;

Aluminum foil bag

Use model:

Medical or medical disinfection and sterilization.

Suitable sterilization method:

EO epoxy ethane sterilization, steam high temperature and high pressure steam heat sterilization, gamma cobalt 60 irradiation sterilization, plasma sterilization (non-paper type).

Product material:

A piece of paper (dupont tyvek paper/French medical dialysis paper/British medical absorbent paper) + a composite plastic film.

As shown:

Target customers:

Medical device manufacturers, or hospitals.

Product warranty period:

Three to five years (bacteriostatic)

Principle of action and its usage:

Medical equipment in packaging (product), then the sealing, disinfection, use of packaging (product) through the sterilization factor, not through the half dialysis of bacteria through sex, to professional organizations in suzhou university medical testing of EN868 professional testing, after that packaging (product) aging resistance bacteria can reach 3 to 5 years.


Medical gloves, medical syringe, hemostatic gauze, surgical drapes, catheters, endotracheal intubation, gown, protective clothing, intravascular catheter, needle, electric pettifoggery, heparin cap, three-way cock, roar, balloon, artificial joints, closure and other high-end medical equipment and packaging of medical consumables

Quality determination method:

The size test of edge stripping force;

No paper scraps when separated;

There is no leakage test for the leakage of sealing resistance bacteria.