The difference between gauze and civil gauze

Gauze variety and versatility.

The following is a description of the types and varieties of gauze.


1. Cotton gauze (also made of cotton yarn), mainly used for quilting and silk quilt.

Also can be defatted after medical, after sizing the industrial use.

2. Cotton bleached gauze (also made with white gauze or white gauze), because people's living conditions are improved, advocating health.

Cotton bleached gauze is processed by bleaching and soft processing, natural, pure white, comfortable and environmental protection, it is the cotton quilt, silk is the first choice of materials, also can make face mask.

3. Absorbent gauze, mainly used for medical bandages, medicine cloth, adhesive plaster, etc.

4. Mask gauze, make face mask, have rolls (large volumes) or pied, suit the needs of different cropping patterns of manufacturers.

5, mosquito net gauze, make mosquito net use.

6. Bamboo curtain mat gauze, this gauze is pure chemical fiber gauze, powerful big, used for bamboo curtain mat base cloth.

7. Sizing gauze cloth for washing dishes, deerskin towel making, carpet, artificial leather making, etc.

8. Bean wrap gauze, use pure cotton 21 or 32 yarn weaving, used for making tofu bag.

9. Double layer gauze, woven with pure cotton yarn, used for baby diaper, face towel, napkin and postpartum binding, belly bandage with fat, etc.

10, ghost gauze, a variety of color thin gauze, used for the ghost festival hang in the window or make a variety of irregular clothing to frighten the ghost.

11. Seedlings of seedlings are transplanted with bandage gauze, which is used for seedling root soil in seedling planting.

12. Thin mesh gauze, the sparse mesh is similar to the fishing net, the volume is used to make bedding, decorative materials, wall decoration or industrial use.

13. Book binding gauze, complete cotton bleaching sizing, used for book binding.

Cotton wrapping cloth (also called cotton packing cloth or cotton packing cloth).

Woven with 10 yarns, divided into cotton foreskin, cotton-polyester wrapping cloth.

15. The vegetable shed is covered.

Note: yarn is a loose single thread of cotton and linen, which can twist and weave.

Emery cloth of industry, other name: iron emery cloth, emery cloth, corundum gauze, dry wear gauze

Purpose: to be mounted on a machine tool or to grind the surface of a metal workpiece by grinding the surface of a metal workpiece.

Coil gauze is mainly used for machining of metal workpiece or plywood.

Small size for coarse grinding, size size for fine grinding.