The manufacturer explains the difference between medical gauze and bandage.

Nowadays, there are many common medical items on the market, and many friends can sometimes confuse the medical gauze and bandages when they buy them, and some friends can use them for convenience.

In fact, they each have their own USES, today the manufacturer summed up some of the commonalities and differences between them, so that you can identify them.

1. The material of medical gauze and bandage is the same;

2. The medical bandage can not directly contact the wound when used;

3. There is no sterilization in the medical bandage, and the medical gauze is sterilized;

4. The most obvious difference is that the shape is different, the medical gauze is several layers together, and the medical bandage is a layer.


Of course, the hospital also has medical gauze bandages, medical gauze bandage is the external dressing of the fracture of the orthopaedic patient, fixed a kind of necessary medical material.

When we use, we should choose the high-quality gauze bandage, according to the correct method to carry on the bandage.

When winding the bandage, the winding should not be too tight, because it will cause the patient's blood to be not in circulation, uncomfortable, will not be conducive to wound healing and healing.

I believe that through the above introduction, you have more understanding of medical gauze and bandages, and you won't worry about buying wrong.