The medical gauze bandage factory introduces the dressing method for you.

Medical gauze bandage is a common kind of medical device, whether it is medical unit or family wrapping to use is very convenient, so you make sure your dressing method is correct?

Today let the factory introduce to you a variety of different dressing methods.

1. Snake dressing method.

This method is often used when fixing splints with medical gauze bandages, which are named after the "snake".

The specific operation is: after the splint is fixed, the bandage is wound in the same direction with a certain gap.

This winding method can be used in a small amount of medical gauze bandage to achieve a strong fixation effect, is a common method of medical institutions.

Medical gauze bandage.

2. Spiral dressing method.

This method is not suitable for the arm, using the spiral of a forward bandage, the advantage is to wrap quickly, elastic moderate.

3. Ring dressing method.

This is one of the more commonly used methods, and small cuts basically use this method.

The tail can be cut open at the last fixed time to facilitate knot fixation.

The above 3 methods that the manufacturer introduces to you hope you can master, in order to better bind.