The price of disposable dust respirators is analyzed for different reasons.

Disposable respirator for everyone not unfamiliar, it is commonly used in life necessities, on the street, the supermarket can see a lot of models of all kinds of disposable respirator, only these disposable respirator from one yuan to tens of yuan price, are disposable respirator, why the price difference so big?

Manufacturer of disposable dust respirator through market analysis, introduce some factors that affect the price.


Disposable respirator.


The material on the market of disposable respirator use from "non-woven", "can change the filter cloth", "sterilized gauze", etc., and various functions such as nominal "PM2.5 protection", "dust", "bamboo charcoal protection" and so on, these all kinds of disposable respirator under all kinds of parties, but quality is uneven, with such a situation, what's the key to affect the price of disposable respirator?

By purchasing a disposable respirator of citizens, in the face of so many kinds of specifications, in the market now is a confused, don't know should choose what kind of, just based on the price influence on psychology, think the price high will be more safe, relatively speaking is a kind of psychological comfort, as for the protective effect is really couldn't say for sure.

Disposable respirator manufacturer said, in fact, the choose and buy when disposable respirator or want to see the quality, for some of the price is too high can not play a protective role in masks, not only waste the money for citizens, but also does not work for protection.