The role of gauze rolls and attention issues

The role of gauze rolls and attention issues

    What kind of effect gauze rolls can play in trauma treatment, and should pay attention to those problems during use.

    1. What is the role of gauze rolls?

The gauze roll is made of cotton gauze, which has good air permeability, strong water absorption, and convenient use. The automatic equipment is folded and the laminated piece is even and tidy. It is a relatively traditional disposable medical material. It is used in the medical and health industry. The medical gauze dressing is made of 100% medical natural cotton yarn, which has good moisture absorption, blood-sucking, and mutual creation performance. Medical gauze The dressing is mainly used for epidermal wound cleaning, hemostasis, and dressing. After strict medical standard tests, it will not cause wound infection and inflammation.

2. What should I pay attention to when using gauze rolls?

The product should be soft and elastic white fiber, no stains, stains, and foreign matter, odorless, tasteless, and should not show strong blue fluorescence under UV light. Medical gauze dressing gauze rolls are non-sterile products, such as direct contact with wounds, should be used after sterilization. High temperature autoclaving, ethylene oxide sterilization or cobalt 60 sterilization can be used. The inner packaging of the product cannot be used after being damp, damaged or mildewed. This product is a one-time item and is not allowed to be reused.