The sterilization treatment method of medical absorbent gauze bandage

Medical absorbent gauze bandage usually fly who type sterilization and sterilization type two kinds, namely type sterilization products is to be able to directly use, rather than the type sterilization sterilization products needed for further processing.

So how do you do that?

I'll give you the details below.

Medical absorbent gauze bandage.

In fact, some people will use saline to sterilize it. It is a saline solution rather than a disinfectant, and it will not work.

It must be sterilized by high pressure steam before it can be used safely.

So we're going to show you a very simple way to look at it.

Boil the bandage with boiled or filtered water. 5---10 minutes can kill the bacterial propagator. 1-2 hours can kill the spores, which is sterilizing.

Please do not use alcohol as a disinfectant to sterilize, this is not effective.

And the medical absorbent gauze bandage belongs to one-time product, after use, please sit corresponding treatment, lest bacterial growth.