These characteristics of medical gauze bandages lead the medical trend.

It is precisely because of the medical gauze bandage that these characteristics will lead the medical trend, what is specific?

Let's analyze it together.

Performance and structure:

This bandage is made of 100% pure cotton medical absorbent gauze, which is used for surgical injury, sprains, and fixation after surgery.

Main USES:

Used for dressing wounds and preventing infection.

Surgery, orthopedics, varicose veins of lower extremities, blood circulation to prevent swelling of limbs, and bandage of swollen diseases after the removal of limbs.

Local hemostasis, emergency wound dressing, temporary binding of fracture, combined with drug fixation.

Product ingredients:

This product is made of natural raw material, no impurities, non-polluting medical absorbent gauze.

Product efficacy:

Good air permeability, high water absorption, soft and elastic characteristics.

It can be used for all kinds of medical treatment and family to make the wound dressing.


After sterilization, it is used to protect the wound in vitro.

When used, the local skin of the affected area will be cleaned and then applied to the treatment. After sterilizing the gauze or skin, the gauze should be applied to the wound after disinfection, and the medical adhesive can be used for fixation.


This product should be sealed, avoid light, and keep in dry and clean place.

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