​Tianhong six-layer cotton six-layer bath towel gauze hot wholesale

Tianhong six-layer cotton six-layer bath towel gauze hot wholesale

Six layers of thick gauze bath towel gauze finished hot sale, this gauze, compared with the previous bath towel gauze, after thick pleat treatment, the water absorption is stronger, the hand feels softer, cotton material, soft and not hurt Skin, used as a baby bath towel gauze is the most suitable for use. The baby's skin is more delicate, this gauze, soft cloth surface, fine yarn fiber, good water absorption, make the baby dry quickly, has been recognized by many treasure mothers. The number of ready-made products is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

Pure cotton six-layer thick pleated gauze, made of physical high-temperature soft process, more washable and softer, 100% pure cotton yarn is woven, pure cotton bleach without chemical additives, does not stimulate the baby's delicate skin, use healthier. The color yarn is finished on the machine once, and the bath towel style is simple and generous. At present, the baby bath towel on the market has more materials, more water absorption, irritant stimulating, quality assurance, and various qualities are even jagged. , Tianhong's pure cotton six-layer thick gauze, gauze fabric with venting holes, good wicking, six layers of gauze water absorption is better, but also a multi-purpose cloth, do bath towels, do diapers, do quilts, do baby towels Baby clothes are the best choice.

Tianhong Gauze Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the production of six-layer cotton thick pleated gauze, is definitely the factory direct price direct sales, price concessions; a hundred years of gauze manufacturing history, product quality is guaranteed; more support for size specifications, pre-sale samples. Due to the large production volume, if there is demand for gauze in this aspect, please call to order.