What are the advantages of medical alcohol swabs.

When everyone knows alcohol concentration of 75% has the best sterilization effect, medical alcohol swabs from 70% - 70% of our production made medical alcohol medical absorbent cotton sticks, sterilization, disinfection effect significantly, can be used for clinical skin disinfection before injection, can also be used for bottle are exposed to in vitro catheter interfaces such as disinfection cleaning, after a triple seal packing procedure, to ensure stable and less volatile, alcohol use lu: su hermetic sealing, sealing film easy to tear, easy and convenient in use and carry.

The medical alcohol cotton swab is larger than the conventional dry cotton swab head, which can be used in sterilization. It can effectively prevent waste and save materials.


The specific main points of use are as follows:

One is that this product contains alcohol, not suitable for the mucous membrane disinfection.

The second is to be careful with alcohol allergy.

Third, this product belongs to external use, disposable products, do not recycle.

4. Please put it in a dry and ventilated place when saving.