What are the advantages of surgical mask materials?

Speaking of surgical masks everyone not unfamiliar, anywhere there are a lot of bacteria such as in the hospital, often can see a lot of people wear surgical masks, surgical masks is toxins such as how to prevent the bacteria enter the body?

First from the material of surgical masks, it USES the filter cloth, mainly adsorbed bacteria, viruses, blocking pathogens. Dense filter layer USES the N95 filtering materials, can filter out particles that can effectively block flying, blood, body fluid and secretion.

The mask belt is two long strips that pass through both sides of the mask.

Nose clip at the center of the upper filter layer, placed between the dense layer and filter layer, the material of metal or metal - plastic complex, both the plasticity. And have a certain strength, easy to wear when nasal packing.

Surgical masks, so to speak is the guarantee between medical staff and patients infected with the best goods, so when making must be in accordance with the requirements of national bacteria filtration efficiency achieve 95% above, this is the most important role in surgical masks.