What are the advantages of the medical absorbent gauze package itself?

I believe that we are not unfamiliar to medical absorbent gauze bag, everyone is common in normal times, and in the ancient times of our country have a gauze textiles, the reason that the item was used for a long time, because of its good use.

The wide application of its application relies on the advantages of absorbability, softness and cleanliness.


With the progress of modern scientific research, the medical industry and textile industry have also improved greatly. The quality of gauze packs is superior, and the most common use is in hospitals.

Of course, there are many other USES for the gauze bag. The following is the detailed description for you:

1. Pure cotton gauze.

In cotton quilt, silk is used inside the inside, because it is not only comfortable tall, simple sense is soft, and it is helpful to improve the sleep quality of insomnia.

2. Double layer gauze.

This gauze bag can be used to make the face towel or baby's diaper in life, which has a very good protective effect on the baby's skin direct contact.