What are the advantages of using surgical drape

What are the advantages of using surgical drape

   The surgical drape is made of medical polyethylene film (PE), and the coating layer is composed of medical acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, anti-sticking release paper and dirt bag. This product has many advantages when it is used, and mainly has the following advantages:

    1. Transparent, breathable, supple and comfortable, preventing lateral transfer of skin pore bacteria in the surgical field to contaminate the surgical incision

    2. After the application, the skin of the surgical site can be tightened to facilitate cutting.

    3. Adopt medical acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive with stable and reliable pasting performance, non-toxic and non-irritating.

    4. The peeling strength is moderate, and there is no pain in removing the surgical drape.

    5. All products are sterilized with safe and non-toxic gamma rays (most domestic dressings using EO sterilization will cause a certain amount of toxic ethylene oxide gas residues).

    The product range of surgical towels is complete, according to the surgical requirements of surgical drapes and drainage bags, dirt bags, suitable for thoracic surgery, general surgery, brain surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics and other departments used in surgery.