What are the performances of Tianhong Medical's medical bandages?

What are the performances of Tianhong Medical's medical bandages?

The role of medical bandages in medical treatment is to properly adjust the temperature and humidity of the wound, reduce complications and prevent wounds from being hurt again, and prevent infection during natural healing, so that the injured feel comfortable. Maintaining a certain degree of humidity in the wound is conducive to the spread of skin cells and accelerates wound healing. During the wound healing process, the wet environment prevents the wound from scarring due to excessive contraction.

A large amount of body fluids that are exuded at the beginning of the wound can easily cause bacteria to multiply and cause infections. Bandages can absorb body fluids to prevent infections. Different types of wounds require different bandages. The requirements that an ideal high-tech bandage should meet are as follows;

① Allow a moist environment at the interface between the wound and the bandage to accelerate the healing of the wound;

② Can effectively absorb the fluid exuded from the wound and remove toxic substances;

③ Has a certain elasticity, making the wound feel comfortable after bandaging;

④ can block particles or toxic contamination to keep the wound from being infected;

⑤ Non-toxic, non-adhesive, non-adhesive to wounds and no new wounds when changing bandages;

⑥ can withstand various disinfection treatments without deterioration;

⑦ Allow air exchange;

⑧ Provide adiabatic effect;

⑨ Prevent secondary infection.

At present, medical bandages are divided into general nursing bandages and hemostatic bandages. The bandages of various functions have various structures due to different purposes and occasions.