What are the requirements for making medical cotton swabs?

Have friends want to know about how to make medical cotton production requirements, north eisai, provide scientific information for you to help friends to solve such problems, according to national standard and the pharmaceutical industry standard requirements, according to the related literature of absorbent cotton ball products must meet the following requirements:

Raw materials for medical cotton swabs:


1. Absorbent cotton:

(a) the quality of cotton wool made of cotton balls must meet yy0330-2002 requirements, hold the medical device registration certificate, and pass the factory inspection conclusion;

(b) cotton fiber should be soft, white and odorless, without yellow spot, stain or foreign body.

2. Bar material:

(a) the stick surface of the plastic rod and paper rod shall be smooth and without burrs, and no stains or foreign objects shall be allowed;

(b) the rod and bamboo stick should be smooth and unbroken, without any stain or foreign matter.

Medical cotton swab is made of medical absorbent cotton and natural birch. It is non-toxic, non-irritating, has good water absorption and easy to use.

Medical cotton swabs are sterilized products, can be used safely.

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