What are the requirements for making medical gauze?

Medical gauze is a commonly used medical dressing, is produced according to the International Pharmacopoeia standards, using pure cotton yarn as raw material, post-processing using rope rinsing and chlorine oxy-drift bleaching production process. Medical gauze must be rigorously tested and tested before leaving the factory. It is soft in feel, strong in water absorbency, uniform in weft, white and odorless, without acid and alkali, safe to use.


In order to reduce the amount of pollutants produced during medical gauze production, the bad cloths produced by the gauze are often degreased and dewaxed by a high-temperature cylinder. After the slurry is removed, a series of processes such as steaming, washing and bleaching are completed, Is the former process of contaminants brought to the next section, in order to ensure gauze to meet the health standards required by the state to ensure product quality, we must use more water for cleaning.

Medical gauze production process, the gauze "alkali cooking" is very important section, the purpose is to remove the fabric in the slurry, grease and wax, etc., a direct impact on the quality of medical gauze, at the same time, this section produced Pollutants are the most common and require special attention at work.