What is cotton gauze?

What is cotton gauze?

Cotton yarn is a cotton fabric with a very low latitude and longitude. It is a kind of textile material. The characteristics of the fabric are sparse and have a clear lattice.

How to distinguish between polyester cotton gauze and cotton gauze:

1. See: polyester/cotton gauze is brighter than pure cotton gauze, polyester/cotton cloth is bright, and fiber structure is tighter. Compared to pure cotton gauze, but not so bright and soft, the surface of the gauze will see some cottonseed residue.

2. Hand feeling: soft cotton gauze but not smooth, polyester cotton gauze feels a little slippery.

3. Burning: This is also the most intuitive way for people in the industry. The cotton yarn is only a little bit, the flame is yellow, the burning smell and the burning paper, the burning edge is soft, leaving a little gray-black floc ash; the polyester cotton gauze will shrink, then melt around the flame, black smoke, It emits an aromatic, unpleasant odor, which hardens the edges after burning, and is grayish-brown, but can be crushed.