What is skim gauze? what's the effect?

What is skim gauze? what's the effect? The gauze strips made of sterile Vaseline oil gauze can be used for the drainage of most of the postoperative incisions, which is very beneficial to the patient's body tissue repair, and is widely used in clinical practice. At present, most of the sterile Vaseline oil gauze will stack 10 to 15 layers of Vaseline oil gauze and be placed in a special container for disinfection, but it is impossible to use 15 layers of oil gauze in a single use in clinical application. Let's take a look at the production method:


20cm*30cm double-layer cotton wool bag, 2 132 indicator cards, 4 ml 50ml albumin waste glass bottles, washed, sterilized with 5% Venus disinfectant, dried, and cut cotton wool gauze into 0.5cm*10cm (18cm) *18cm, 10cm*10cm, 5cm*10cm) and other small pieces, and then made Vaseline oil gauze and Vaseline oil gauze in the glass bottle, put the instruction card at the bottom of the bottle, label the bottle and 3M tape, indicate Disinfection date name specification, finally put the glass bottle together with the stopper into the 20cm*30cm absorbent cotton bag, and send it to the supply room and sterilize it in a pulsating vacuum steam sterilization pot.

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