What is the correct way to wear a medical mask?

What is the correct way to wear a medical mask?

Now the hospital is overcrowded. With more people, the air in the hospital has changed. There is saline water, injuries, urine tests, people in the corridors, and the air is not very good. Many people put on masks. Let me introduce you now.

On Sunday, I went to the hospital to check in for a disease. Generally, I have to queue up. It can be seen that the hospital is overcrowded and there are more people. The air in the hospital has changed. The air is really not very good. I saw many people wearing masks in the hospital. The first time I wore a mask, I also wore the mask back. Here are the ways to wear a mask on the Internet:

Usually, the disposable sanitary masks that we buy in pharmacies are general medical surgical masks, which have two sides, the darker side-the blue side is facing outwards, and the lighter side is facing inward, which is close to our faces.

The main precautions for wearing a mask are:

1. The mask has two sides, white and blue, with the white side facing in, the side with the metal strip facing up, first tie the two lower straps behind the neck, and tighten! Make the underside of the mask reach the base of the chin;

2. Pull up the upper edge of the mask, cover the mouth and nose, and pull the two upper straps behind the ears to fasten them to the head, not to the ears.

3. Press the metal wire on the top of the nose with the index finger of both hands to make it close to the skin of the nose, and then gradually move the forefinger to both sides. The entire mask is close to the facial skin.