What is the difference between the medical cotton wool and the industrial cotton wool?

Medical absorbent gauze and medical absorbent cotton is used as a wound in patients with medical industry, protection, cleaning and other purposes of major health materials, mainly for the medical treatment unit for wound debridement nursing, cancel agent and so on the disposable use.

So, what is the difference between medical cotton and industrial cotton?

Absorbent cotton is a cotton that is chemically treated to remove fat, which is easier to absorb than normal cotton, and is a sanitary product, and also used in the manufacture of nitric acid fibers.

Also known as cotton wool.

It is made by removing the inclusions, degreasing, bleaching, washing, drying and finishing.

Absorbent cotton should be odourless, tasteless, no splash, has the very good water imbibition, slender fiber soft, elastic, white is easy to be layered, no harmful impurities such as acid, alkali, quality should accord with the technical standards established by the ministry of health.

There are many kinds of cotton wool in the market, including medical cotton and industrial cotton.

The medical absorbent cotton is made from the whole cotton by degreasing and bleaching machine. It is odorless, tasteless, colorless, stain and foreign body, and has no loose long fiber.

Medical absorbent cotton is a kind of external medical dressing, mainly used in surgical debridement nursing and health care.

However, due to the absence of sterilization in the factory, the sterilization must be used after sterilization.

Industrial cotton wool is a kind of absorbent cotton used in industry. It is different from the cotton wool of medical absorbent cotton, and the medical treatment is strictly sterilized, and the safety is higher.