What is the dressing method of gauze bandage of medical gauze?

A medical device commonly used in medical gauze bandages.

Medical gauze bandages are usually made of cotton cloth and gauze with special techniques, which can be applied to various parts of the body such as the head, abdomen and chest, and the bandage of the limbs and tail.

At the same time, the medical gauze can also be used according to the different parts of the site and the pain site. There are many kinds of bandaging and dressing methods. The common dressing method is as follows:

The first is the ring dressing method: this is the most basic and most commonly used medical gauze bandage dressing method.

It also applies to the neck, head, legs and chest.

The method is: the first circle is slightly inclined, the second circle and the third ring are circled, and the corner of the first circle is pressed into the ring, which is more secure.

Finally, the paste will be fixed with the tail, or the tail will be cut into two knots.

The second is the serpentine dressing method: it is used to fasten the splint.

The method is to wrap the bandage around a number of circles, and then the width of the bandage should be intersected with the width of the bandage.

Finally, the spiral bandage method: this kind of medical gauze bandage bandage the method that is used for thick and thin, such as the arm, etc.

Its bandaging method is to adopt circular bandaging method of dress, and then according to each lap, in turn, a third or two-thirds of the way to move forward to dress, to form a spiral.