What is the material of the antibacterial cloth?

What material is the antibacterial cloth?

Now many of my friends like to focus on some new things, such as antibacterial cloth in people's mouths. Xiaobian here puts forward the term antibacterial cloth. I don't know how many friends can clearly explain the type and function of antibacterial cloth and precautions. Xiaobian knows that many friends have heard of this term, but if you want to let everyone know in detail I am afraid it will be a bit difficult to introduce. It doesn't matter, Xiaobian is here to help everyone, do you want to know what material is antibacterial cloth? Do you want to know where to buy cheap and fidelity antibacterial cloth? Do you want to know the development prospects of antibacterial cloth? Come take a look at the small series of articles.

What is the material of the antibacterial cloth?


Antibacterial cloth is divided into two types: polyester antibacterial fabric and nylon antibacterial fabric. So what are the two roles of the two fabrics? Antibacterial deodorant fabric features antibacterial sterilization, anti-mold and deodorant, high-viscosity moisture absorption, breathable perspiration, skin-friendly skin care, anti-UV, anti-static, eliminate heavy metals, eliminate formaldehyde, aromatic ammonia, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet and other functions, forming a natural green Environmentally friendly multifunctional products. After finishing the finishing technology, the textile fabric has many functions such as permanent antibacterial and antibacterial function and anti-mold and deodorizing function. It is the leading antibacterial, anti-mildew and deodorant multi-functional finishing technology.


Presumably, friends still don't know how to make antibacterial effect of polyester antibacterial fabric and nylon antibacterial fabric. Domestic and foreign scholars have proposed a variety of evaluation experiments, but there are some defects, and the scope of application has certain limitations. The antibacterial agent can be roughly classified into a dissolution type (the antibacterial agent on the fabric can be slowly dissolved in water) and a non-dissolution type (the antibacterial agent and the fiber are combined and cannot be dissolved), and the corresponding representative antibacterial performance test methods are: GB15979 -2002 Hygienic standard for disposable hygiene products, also known as "oscillating flask method", for textiles produced from non-dissolving antimicrobial agents.


The quality of the product determines the degree of vulnerability and price of the product. This law is still applicable to emerging products such as antibacterial cloth. We should all know that the better the material of the antibacterial cloth, the better its protective performance. Everyone hopes to buy it. I know the antibacterial cloth when I am good, but there are still many unscrupulous traders who use inferior materials to make antibacterial cloth to confuse everyone's attention. Because the inferior materials for making antibacterial cloth are very low in cost, they can reduce the price of antibacterial cloth at will. The market for antibacterial fabrics that were otherwise unstable has become more confusing. Xiaobian hopes that everyone can have a certain understanding of the material of the antibacterial cloth, so that we can see the scam of the liar from the material, and really buy the antibacterial cloth that is safe and healthy. Buy antibacterial cloth and choose Tianhong Medical!