What is the specific application of gauze rolls in life?

What is the specific application of gauze rolls in life?

When the wounds on our body are large, we need to use gauze rolls to wrap the wounds. The gauze rolls can exert some pressure on our wounds, and also prevent contact with external bacteria, which is good for wound healing. effect. For medical gauze rolls, the gauze used in the production is different from the gauze used in the manufacture of our garments, and its quality requirements are higher. Let's take a look at the specific application of gauze rolls in life.

Gauze roll is a relatively traditional disposable medical material. It is widely used in medicine and health industry. The medical gauze dressing is made of medical natural cotton yarn, which has good moisture absorption, blood absorption and mutual creation. Medical gauze dressing is mainly For epidermal wound cleansing, hemostasis and dressing, after strict medical standards testing, will not cause wound infection and inflammation.

When selecting a gauze roll, look at the appearance of the product. The product should be soft and elastic white fiber, no stains, stains and foreign matter, odorless, tasteless, and should not show strong blue fluorescence under UV light.

According to the raw materials of gauze, mainly divided into polyester cotton gauze and pure cotton gauze, you can use fire to burn before the purchase. If the gauze is burned to ash, it can be judged to be pure cotton gauze. If small particles appear, it is polyester-cotton. Strictly speaking, medical gauze must be made of pure cotton.

In fact, not only gauze, medical gauze is also widely used. In daily life, it is mainly used to wrap the wounds on the body, to cleanse the blood in the wounds during the operation, and the method of dressing different body parts is different.

In summary, there are some specific applications of gauze rolls in life, and the range of application is different for different types of gauze rolls. In daily use, the gauze should also be stored. Store the gauze in a dry and ventilated environment as much as possible, and reduce the growth of mold and other bacteria. For medical gauze rolls, sealed storage should also be done in order to create a sterile environment for them.