What kind of scientific research has been passed on the medical absorbent cotton

The medicated absorbent cotton is used for the mature wool of the cottonaceae, and then it is removed by removing the inclusions, degreasing, bleaching and processing.

Medical absorbent cotton is mainly used as dressing for hospital clinic.

In addition, it can be made into cotton swabs by further processing the cotton wool.

The main performance indexes and test methods of medical absorbent cotton are as follows:

1, fluorescence content: take this product several, split into a certain thickness, examined under a uv lamp (365 nm) and allow only microscopic particles and a few yellow, brown, purple fluorescence except few fiber separation, should not show strong blue fluorescence.

2, ph, soluble in water solution under items lOOmL, add fluid of phenolphthalein indicator 3 drops, may not show pink, the other for water soluble items in the filtrate lOOmL, plus bromocresol purple indicating liquid 2 drops, not yellow.

3, in the ether soluble content: this article 59, 250 ml of soxhlet extractor, 4 h 150 ml continuous extraction with ether, siphon backflow shall not be less than 4 times per hour, will extract to dry, in 105 "C drying to constant weight, legacy residue may not be over 0.5%.

4, suction time: take this product 10 pieces, each lOcm x lOcm, folded into a 5 cm x 5 cm respectively, flat on appropriate on the surface of the glass container (water temperature around 20 plus or minus 2 ℃ gauze should not touch the container), should be within the lOs water sink below the surface.

5, the water soluble content: take this product 12.59, beaker, add new boil 400 ml hot water, heating cooking 15 min, people move water immersion 500 ml volumetric flask, with new boiling hot water washing gauze, lotion into the volumetric flask, put cold, add water to the scale, shake well, filtration, precision measuring lOOmL filtrate, water-bath water on dry, at 105 ℃ drying to constant weight, legacy residue may not be over 0.5%.

6. The medical absorbent cotton needs to be carried out in a sterile condition, and it is necessary to ensure that the medical absorbent cotton has no odor and stains and stains, making the medical absorbent cotton soft and elastic.