What problems should be paid attention to during the sandstorm?

The sandstorm, which has become a major disaster in northern China in recent years, is characterized by poor air quality, low visibility and high wind speed.

Dust storms not only bring troubles to the life of urbanites, but also endanger people's lives.

Therefore, in the weather with sandstorm, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Because the wind is associated with the sandstorm, it should be far away from rivers, lakes and pools to avoid drowning in drowning.

2. On the way, when you meet the poor visibility, the line of sight is not good should stop walking, don't rush to cross the road, can be in shopping malls, restaurants, or can be in low-lying areas, later but want to stay away from billboards, trees.

Drink plenty of water and don't buy street food.

4. The dust storms come suspended particle tiny suspended particles in the air, they are sucked into the lungs will cause a variety of respiratory diseases, so in dust storms coming days, it is best to wear gauze mask, in order to avoid dust on respiratory damage.