What's the use of medical gauze?

It is mainly used to bandage the wound and to clean up the wound during the operation.

There are many specific USES, different parts have different dressing methods.

Medical absorbent gauze can be used to make up in daily life, at present, sales of cotton material on the market can be divided into two basic types: cotton wool and non-woven fabric, two materials that each have advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to their own needs.

Absorbent cotton: this cotton pad is thicker and more tender, and it needs more water to be applied to make up water. Sometimes, it has the phenomenon of desquamation, and the water absorption is weak.

Non-woven fabrics: this kind of cotton is relatively thin, the touch feeling is thicker, but because of the strong suction force, so the amount of toning water is more than the province.

When removing makeup: put 3 pieces of makeup cotton to fold together, pour on discharge makeup lotion, this is done is to remove the colour makeup of whole face at one time, need not repeatedly change cotton piece.

Moreover, have a certain thickness of discharge makeup cotton, the strength that discharge makeup is stronger, easy to remove color makeup to clean, compare to save discharge makeup milk.

Recommended use: cotton wool made of cotton.

The reason for the suggestion: the touch is delicate, repeatedly wipe the color makeup also won't stimulate the skin, cause discomfort.

As a facial mask or eye mask: apply a cotton pad full of moisturizing or whitening lotion, and apply locally on both cheeks or eyes for about 5-10 minutes, which can be used to apply the mask.

The remaining micro - wet cosmetic cotton, can also wipe the hands of the skin, the effect of moisturizing or whitening.

Recommended use: non-woven fabrics made of cotton.

Reason of suggestion: the material is thin, can absorb moisture adequately, and smooth moisture to the skin deep.

Nail polish remover: if you use a new cotton pad to remove the nail polish, it is often too hard to break the cotton, not only waste, but also the effect of removing the makeup is not ideal.

It is recommended that you use a dry cotton pad to finish the nail polish remover.

When choosing a cotton pad, the main factor is its tactility and elasticity.

It should feel soft and stretchy.

With make up cotton is afraid of light, including the lights in the shop are likely to damage its quality, so when buying cosmetic cotton, if it is hung in a row layout, don't take the first, and should take its behind, because the back of the make up cotton will not enjoy many of the "sun".

The other most practical way to tell is to fold the cotton wool in half and rub each other.

If you don't rub a few drops of cotton, you can't use it.

The most common and best way to use a cotton pad is to put it on your middle finger and use it with your index and ring fingers.

Make up water mostly use cotton of cotton of make up cotton, because cotton of cotton of cotton of cotton of all cotton is fine not to scratch skin, much more than the cotton of synthetic fiber is much softer.

If the cotton is used for a long time, it will be dirty. In order to prolong its life, it is better to wash it after every use. If there is no time, it should be washed once a week at least.

Rub it gently in clean water, then press it with both hands and place it in a dry and ventilated place.

Do not put it in a damp place, or there will be mold invasion;

Also notice that there is no bright light.

Generally speaking, the life of a cotton pad is about one year.

For those who wear makeup every day, it is best to change them once every three months to six months to ensure that the skin is always delicate and delicate.