What should you pay attention to when choosing a medical cotton ball?

The medical cotton ball is an indispensable thing in medical supplies, and it is also the thing that touches the skin of the patient at zero distance. It is said that its hygiene and safety must be very high.

Do you know exactly what kind of medical cotton ball is in accordance with the regulations?

The following is a detailed introduction for you.

1. When you get the product, you should carefully check the packaging of its products to see if there is any abnormality.

2. Observe the quality certificate and instruction manual on the packaging to see if the writing is correct;

3. The general medical cotton balls are subdivided into bacteria and sterile, which are marked on the outer package;

4. Bear in mind that packaging damage and impurities in cotton balls are not allowed;

5. In use, you can distinguish between good and bad according to the amount of water absorbed, and the water absorption of each cotton ball must be up to 25 grams, so that it can play a better role in the process of use.

6. Since this product is a product that touches people's skin directly, it should be paid attention to before and after use, so as not to cause environmental pollution.