Why choose a surgical mask?

In today's life, more and more people are choosing to wear masks because of the increased smog and sandstorms caused by the environmental climate, coupled with the spring allergy crowd.

There are a lot of masks in the market, but people who choose to wear surgical masks make up the majority. Why?

Originally, because of the country's use of surgical masks clearly, manufacturers will produce in accordance with the requirements;

In fact, most of the surgical masks are used in hospitals, health clinics and other bacteria, and the choice of wearing surgical masks in daily life will be more reassuring.

In fact, surgical masks can be worn by people who are sensitive to climate change and can choose to wear disposable surgical masks or gauze masks of more than 12 layers.

However, it is important to note that the sterilization level and common level indicated on the outer packing of surgical masks are the cleanliness of the mask itself, which is not related to the filtering effect.

Experts say surgical masks can block particles larger than 4 microns in diameter, but have limited resistance to fine particles.

Above are some information about choosing to wear surgical masks. If you need a medical mask, please feel free to contact us!