Why don't you use a medical mask to protect yourself from the cold in winter?

In winter, some people go out with a face cold and wear a surgical mask, which is not hygienic.

After wearing masks, shout out from walter nose, mouth water cannot spread quickly, have touched on the mask, wet and cold, the day is cold will be frozen frost, but make the person feel cold more badly.


No matter what the occasion, often pick the mask, the mouth, nose, throat, trachea, can not get proper exercise, respiratory tract mucous membrane is over your very delicate, very poor adaptation to cold climate, low resistance, once don't wear a face mask, more easy to catch a cold or have other respiratory infectious diseases.

It is even unhygienic to wear face masks to work or exercise in the fresh fields and in the fields.

Because people need a lot of oxygen in their activities, wearing masks to cover their mouth and nose is bound to affect breathing, and even the phenomenon of choking and breathing, which interferes with labor and exercise.

In cold weather, the active way to block the cold is to increase the clothing appropriately, to participate in physical labor and physical activity, so that the body produces a certain amount of heat.

It is very helpful to exercise in a cold environment, to improve the working ability of the body temperature regulating center and to adapt to the cold climate.

Surgical mask is a sanitary ware for dust and germs. It is not an anti-cold tool, so it is best not to use a mask to prevent cold in the cold winter.