Why should surgical masks be made according to national standards?


As people yearning for health, often wear a face mask to go out, but in places such as hospitals, clinics, ordinary wear the mask already cannot satisfy the requirement of stop germs, so wear surgical masks is very necessary.

Just after wearing a surgical mask, why should the country introduce policies specifically for surgical masks?

Surgical masks

In recent years, the hospital for medical equipment and medical staff hand transmission of pathogens causing nosocomial infection has caused enough attention, and take the corresponding measures, but the nurse after wearing masks bacteria pollution can also cause nosocomial infection is not valued.

After nursing, some of the bacteria can be deposited on the surface of the mask.

Nurse patient frequent contact, in addition to the life care, still need to complete a lot of daily work, if the morning after nursing also wore masks of bacterial count exceeds bid deep vein puncture catheter, urethral catheterization, treatment such as aseptic requirements of high operation, bacteria can follow the breath of the operator on the mask and head activity landing at no fungus surface, once the pathogenic bacteria and drug resistant strains into the body, can cause iatrogenic infection, bacteria on masks with breathing exercises into nurse their own body, affecting the health of nurses.

In order to prevent this phenomenon, the country specially put medical surgical masks in the use standard of medical machinery, and the manufacturers must operate according to the requirements when making them.