You should pay attention to those when using gauze rolls.

You should pay attention to those when using gauze rolls.

    Gauze rolls are a common item used for emergency dressing, and the usage rate is high. We must pay attention to the use method when using it.

    When wrapping with gauze rolls, the following points should be noted:

    1. The emergency personnel must face the injured person and take the appropriate position.

    2. The wound must be covered with sterile gauze and then gauze.

    2. When bandaging, take the bandage on the left hand and the bandage on the right hand.

    3. When dressing, it should be wound up from the lower part of the wound, usually from left to right, from bottom to top.

    4. The bandage should not be too tight, so as not to cause local swelling or too loose, so as not to slip off.

    5. In order to maintain the functional position of the limb, the arm should be bent and tied when the arm is wrapped. When the leg is wrapped, the leg should be tied straight.

    6. Wounds are the gateway for bacteria to invade the human body. If the wound is contaminated by bacteria, it may cause suppuration or complicated sepsis, gas gangrene, tetanus, etc., seriously affecting and damaging health, and even life-threatening.

    7. Therefore, if there is no condition for Jiqing wound surgery on the emergency site, it must be bandaged first, because timely and proper dressing can achieve the purpose of oppression and hemostasis, reducing infection, protecting wounds, reducing pain, fixing dressings and splints. .