Disposable Medical Surgical Sterile Basic Dressing Set Kit

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Disposable dressing set/disposable nursing package:

Make of package cloth, gauze pad, non-woven fabric, cotton ball, tray, plastic tweezer, after packing process to be finished, preventing cross infection.

Product show:


1.Save time,effective
Combined bag packs all general necessary tools for surgery,reduce medical workers' preoperation preparation time, winning more time for the surgery.

2.Save cost
Packing all the necessary general product into one compositive bag, save cost than purchasing each product separately.

3.Safe and reliable
All the products are disposable, and strictly accord to domestic and international quality standard. The whole process of production, from raw material to finished product assembling,are finished in the cleanroom. Lowers initial pollution risk at the lowest limit, with strict sterilization control, ensurs the product safety.

4.Professional design
Suitable component configuration designed by stable and professional development team,based on surgery feature of each part of the humen body.

We supply all kinds of material surgery clothes,such as special surgery spread cover for unique operation, and various surgical dressings, satisfying various surgery requirement.


Applied to disposable using of daily care in medical organization daily care, such as:dressing change for surface bruises, burns, emergency service, surgery,etc.


1.When you send enquiry,please make sure informations of below are contained:

Items,Size and other useful specifications for quoting.

2.OEM & ODM services are offered.

3.Three types of package are available for option:Customers' brand,TONGMENG Brand,and Neutral packing.

4.Please provide the evidence of being the owner of a brand when choosing OEM.

5.Please recommend your packing requests to us.