Disposable Sterile Wound Medical Dressing Set

Disposable Sterile Wound Medical Dressing Set
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l All the necessary components for routine dressing procedures are grouped, placed in the order of use and sterilized in a unique pack.

l Most of the sets are wrapped in a large field that, when opened will automatically cover the working place thus creating an immediate sterile field. It is exclusively made by single-use components.

l Single peel pack, Sterile, Ready for use.

l Other specification available on request.


13 x Gauze wool balls
23 x Gauze swabs 7.5 x 7.5cm x 8ply, 13threads
32 x Plastic forceps 10.5cm 
41 x Waterproof drape 45x45cm
51 x Yellow limpet bag
61 x 3 Compartments gallipot tray

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