Quick Dry Soft Cotton Face Towel for Baby

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Product Details

Infant pure cotton soft towel:

Made from 100% natural superior cotton, used for baby body cleaning care.

Product show:

1.Protecting babies' fresh skin; clean production environment, multi monitoring, safety;
2. Lower babies' cold touch in cold season, more soft and warm care; with smooth and soft cotton piece, protecting babies' skin;

3.Easy to dry;

4.Very soft and comfortable.

1.As clean towel when changes the pads or nursing, also can be used for daily skin care for baby;
2.Used for cleaning the coating on the babies' tongue,teeth and tooth flesh;
3.Used as maternal disposable pads;
4.For cleaning the nipple before maternal feeds, creating a healthy and sanitary environment for Mom and baby.


1.When you send enquiry,please make sure informations of below are contained:

  Yarn,Mesh,Ply,Size and other useful specifications for quoting.

2.OEM & ODM services are offered.

3.Three types of package are available for option:Customers' brand,TONGMENG Brand,and Neutral packing.

4.Please provide the evidence of being the owner of a brand when choosing OEM.

5.Please recommend your packing requests to us.