Absorbent Cotton Protection And Cleaning

Absorbent Cotton Protection and cleaning

Medical disposable iodophor cotton balls are one of the varieties of medical absorbent cotton, belonging to medical absorbent cotton. Medical disposable iodophor cotton ball is to distinguish the convenience of the name only.

In the medical industry commonly used medical disposable iodophor cotton balls to the patient dressing wounds, is a very good protection and cleaning of medical and health materials. All the industry in the pharmaceutical industry on the health requirements can be said to be the highest, regardless of which manufacturers produce medical disposable iodine cotton balls must be in accordance with the provisions of the national WS1-196-1987 "skim gauze" and WS1-195-1987 "Absorbent cotton" requirements to produce, after the completion of production to go through the health and safety testing, qualified after the market can be put into use. With the changes in the market and the needs of the majority of users, the relevant provisions are constantly changing, so the production of medical equipment industry to pay more attention to this industry knowledge.

Medical disposable iodophor cotton ball must reach more than 80 degrees of qualified products, white fiber can not be no smell and good flexibility, good water absorption and other advantages are medical disposable iodine cotton balls widely used the reason.

Medical absorbent cotton is made of bamboo charcoal fiber and other materials through professional disinfection processing and other processes manufacturing products. Xiaobian today to explain to you about bamboo fiber processing methods steps.

1, take some fresh bamboo smoke pre-drying, pre-carbonization, drying, calcination, spraying, carbonization, crushing, made of nano-bamboo charcoal powder;

2, the bamboo charcoal powder into the glue for mixing, the use of spinning equipment, select bamboo fiber with bamboo filament, processing and production of bamboo fiber;

3, the use of bamboo charcoal fiber to obtain gauze;

4, the whole piece of gauze is folded on the medical absorbent cotton.

Medical absorbent cotton Advantages:

1, permeability is better, can be very effective consistent bacteria;

2, good water absorption;

3, can be very effective in controlling bacteria in the wound at the breeding;

4, the effective absorption of wound bleeding;

5, you can keep the wound quickly, to speed up the wound healing.