Absorbent Cotton The Basic Knowledge

  Absorbent Cotton Absorption of cotton, also known as absorbent cotton, to clean up the oil-based absorption of cotton is also commonly known as oil-absorbent cotton.

   Absorb cotton characteristics

The absorbent cotton is made of meltblown polypropylene. Compared with the general absorption of the following characteristics:

1. Absorption efficiency is high, fast, the unit volume absorption is about 8 ~ 20 times the weight of their own.

2. Chemical inert, with the vast majority of chemicals can not react, not flammable.

3. Light, compressible, emergency and easy to carry.

4. Can be quickly launched and recycling.

5. Clean working environment to facilitate finishing.

6. Less damage to machinery or finished products.

7. Usually can be used repeatedly.

8. Usually the initial price is higher.

9. Need to do simple training before use.

  Absorbent cotton applications

Emergency handling of large - scale leakage

- Interception, absorption of oil in open water leakage

- intercept, absorb the leakage of oil on the surface after the spread of chemicals

Daily emergency treatment

- absorb a small amount of spilled liquid

- a small amount of equipment, such as equipment failure

Maintenance, equipment maintenance

- equipment installation and maintenance to prevent liquid leakage, drip caused by pollution

- Control of liquid leakage and drip in case of conventional conditions

  Absorbent Cotton By use classification

T: Standard oil-absorbent cotton

HP: anti-static oil-absorbent cotton, efficient type

P: Standard type absorbent cotton

M: All maintenance-absorbent cotton (except for carpet products) are sorted by shape


Wipes can be used for wiping; can be used for small area bedding, can also be placed directly on the leakage of liquid surface

T-151 suction pad

HP-556 anti-static suction pad

P-110 chemical liquid pad


Used as a ground anti-proliferation Wai Wai; around the bottom of the device to prevent leakage at the source

T-8 strip of absorbent oil

P-200 strip of chemical absorbent cotton


For long-term drip and deep-water-like liquid absorption, easy to dry; suitable for suction liquid than the liquid level requirements higher occasions

P-300 pillow-shaped chemical absorbent cotton