Absorbent Hemostatic CMC Gauze

CMC Gauze is a white or light yellow sterile fabric prepared by special chemical treatment. It is an effective and innovative soluble hemostat widely used in first-aid and surgery hemostasia. When the gauze contacts with blood or exudates, it can quickly transform into clear viscous gel, which fills wound voids, seals capillary ends, activates the clotting system and thereby helps to stop the bleeding.


Product name Absorbent Hemostatic CMC Gauze

Component Carboxy-methyl Cellulose

Product size Customizable

Color White (to light yellow)

pH 6.5

Other properties Hypoallergenic, inert, water soluble

Sterilization method Gamma Ray


Scope of application

As an auxiliary hemostat, CMC gauze can be used in a variety of surgeries. The product demonstrates good effect in stopping capillary, venous or arterial bleeding beyond the control of traditional bleeding-stopping methods such as ligation.


Description Specification Packing

Hemostatic Gauze 2.5cm×5cm 12pcs/box

Hemostatic Gauze 5cm×7cm 12pcs/box

Hemostatic Gauze 5cm×35cm 12pcs/box

Hemostatic Gauze 10cm×20cm 12pcs/box

Hemostatic Gauze Customizable Customizable



1)    Unique weave structure, soft and comfortable;

2)    Very easy to use and convenient to carry;

3)    Suitable to cut, pack or layer to fit different wounds;

4)    Stop bleeding fast with immediate hemostatic effect;

5)    Maintain moist wound healing environment;

6)    Clear viscous gel avoids second trauma. 



1.Open package and take out the gauze;

2.Place the gauze on wound surface and apply firm pressure directly over the wound until bleeding stops. Multiple gauze layers may be needed;

3.Cover with clean dressing or bandage to maintain pressure;

4.Seek medical professional help if necessary.



1. The Gauze should not be used in bone defects.

2. The Gauze should not be used in packing or wadding, unless it is to be removed after homeostasis is achieved.

3. The Gauze should not be used to control hemorrhage from large arteries.

4. The Gauze should not be used on non-hemorrhagic serous oozing surfaces, since body fluids is different from whole blood.