Adult Sanitary Products Choose High Air Permeability

Adult Sanitary Products Choose high air permeability

Currently on the market there are many elderly people for the elderly life supplies, including adult diapers is one of the more concerned about the elderly one of the products, but the face of many brands on the market, which a good quality? How should the elderly choose their own adult diapers?

In response to this question reporter interviewed chairman Huang Baofu, he told reporters that now for the elderly to develop a lot of products, such as multi-function magnifying glass, intelligent crutches, smart bracelet, etc., but adult diapers is the market demand for older people Large products, so adult diapers manufacturers and brands are also increasing, there are international brands, domestic brands and local brands. The face of a variety of diapers, the elderly choose it is very difficult, do not know which kind of good, so need to take the time to understand the product and asked to use the elderly, to avoid the poor quality of adult diapers.

"We have to go to the nursing home to send love when you see some of the old people use diapers have dark spots on the material, they are still using, many elderly people cheap, reluctant to buy expensive diapers, to bring their own body A lot of damage. "Zhu Qi told reporters that often see these elderly plans cheap, he is very anxious, which also made it more sure that he should be processed adult diapers to promote out, so that more elderly benefit.

Elderly in the selection of adult diapers to pay attention to the following three points

1. Selection of soft materials, will not cause allergies, with skin care ingredients diapers; also choose high permeability diapers is also very important, especially in the hot summer, if not properly exposed moisture and heat, the elderly is easy to produce Hot prickly heat and diaper rash;

2. In the selection should pay attention to diapers leak-proof design is safe, because the adult urine more choice of leak-proof design of diapers in the urine when too much can effectively prevent leakage;

3. Water absorption is good, keep dry, but also an important factor in the selection.

Product line with more use of more affordable

The face of many brands of adult diapers on the market, the industry Huang Baofu for the elderly made a few suggestions, hope that they can through the brand understanding and try to find their own, but now many adult diapers brand is divided into different product lines, How should the elderly choose to use it?

"Take our products, there are adult diapers, adult care pads, maternal mats mats, adult pull pants and other different types of care products, in the initial use of many elderly and their families do not know which to buy Kind of, do not know how to use, we specifically for everyone to sort out a few can save money and make the elderly clean and comfortable way to use. "General Manager Wang Shengwu said:" This is our type of diapers based on the market developed The most scientific way to use, the elderly can be used according to this standard, will make life more convenient. "They have for health supplies research has been 10 years, for the choice of pulp and product development are uphold the leading level, the product not only In the domestic sales, but also sold to many countries and regions, by the elderly praise.

It is recommended that the use of adult diapers and nursing mats during the day and night, so more scientific; then for the independent action of the elderly, during the day is applicable to adult pull pants, and the evening on the use of care pads, adult diapers