Adult Sanitary Products For People

Adult Sanitary Products For people

First, on the adult diaper several wear methods

1, the diaper spread out after the folding of the diapers to diapers into a groove.

2, the patient turned into a lateral position, out of used diaper, the new diapers through the crotch.

3, after the film aligned vertebrae, the front piece aligned navel, adjusted to the front and rear height.

4, finishing and spread out the diaper after the film, covered in the buttocks, and then turned back to lying position.

5, finishing and spread out the former film, please note that the middle of the diaper to keep the arc, do not deliberately flatten.

6, the first fixed on both sides of the next tape, slightly inclined to pull; then paste the tape, slightly inclined down.

Second, the station posture wear method

    Expand the diaper and through the legs between them, adjust the appropriate paste after the stickers, both sides of the elastic side of the flattened.

Third, the application of the crowd

1, incontinence, paralyzed patients, disabled people with mobility, patients, the elderly and so on

2, short-term bed after surgery, long-term bed rest and other inconvenience

3, suffering from urinary frequency, urgency can not be on the toilet at any time crowd

4, female menstrual period

Fourth, on the tips

1, in the use of adult diapers, if the user urine is relatively large, you can diaper in the diapers adult straight-type diapers, so more absorbent, the use of better results.

2, in the user to replace the diaper or night when using adult diapers, you can lay the care mattress under the body to prevent the loam to the bed. 1, must be suitable for wearing a person's body shape. Especially the legs and waist of the elastic groove can not be too tight, otherwise it will hurt the skin. Diaper size is not necessarily exactly the same, may vary with the different manufacturers brand. It is advisable to refer to the number indicated outside the package.

2, leak-proof design to prevent outward urination. Adult urine more, choose leak-proof design of the diaper that is inside the thigh fuselage and lumbar fissure, in the urine too much can effectively prevent leakage.

3, glue function is better. The use of stickers to be able to close the diaper, and in the release of diapers can still be repeated after the paste, even if the patient wheelchair change position, it will not release, fall off. Adult diapers inherent note: the use of diapers, we must consider the degree of individual skin sensitive differences in the selection of the appropriate size of the diaper, it should also be considered from the following aspects:

1, diapers to be soft, do not cause allergies, including skin care ingredients.