Disposable Non-woven Fabric Environmental Protection

Disposable Non-woven Fabric Environmental protection

The biggest difference between skimmed gauze and ordinary gauze is that it uses a special process to remove fat gauze, so it has a stronger ability to absorb water and is widely used in modern medicine. It is soft, tough and difficult to disperse, and has a high degree of water absorption, the color is white, with other reagents can be used to expand the use of new.

Gauze blocks are often used as wound healing and dressing for wound healing. In the summer, but also made into gauze cover, with gauze cover to cover our food, bowls, pots to prevent mosquitoes. In the wound used to wrap the wound, the wound should be pus and blood stains washed with warm water, and then according to the need to apply ointment or coated with syrup, paste disinfection gauze block, bandaged with a good bandage. Gauze block commonly used packaging 25 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, custody need to be placed in a dry place, do not damp. These uses are very practical for our life, if you have what you do not know before, then you must know now, in fact, gauze blocks are not necessarily used for the wound, there are other features that allows us to develop. And sterilized Vaseline used to prevent gauze and wound adhesion, with lubrication, non-stick wound, promote granulation growth, promote wound healing. Iodoprofen is mainly disinfecting, no matter what, because the gauze is usually in direct contact with the wound, and the wound is susceptible to bacterial infection, so when the purchase of gauze must choose the quality of qualified gauze products. Speaking of today's medical development, can be described as very robust, and follow the medical start of the road, the traditional medical cotton imitation has been gradually replaced by medical non-woven products, mainly medical non-woven can be described as a Cotton textiles unparalleled strengths.

Only in the medical non-woven environmental protection aspects, more is a kind of bacteria, dust filter high, low infection rate, disinfection and sterilization facilities, easy to complex with other materials and other characteristics, so that only Deeply loved by the later workers.

And this is mainly the medical non-woven fabrics as a one-time items, not only in medicine safe and convenient, more to prevent bacterial cross infection, which is its best aspect. That is, nonwovens is to give doctors the greatest help, and then reduce the chance of their infection, this is the best way.

It is with this technology, so that non-woven fabrics so popular welcome, and then let us deeply feel its useful function, which is our greatest expectations.

The above is the widespread use of nonwovens in medical applications, not just in medicine, more is now the industry and agriculture can also be more widely used, and then continue to be our favorite. Non-woven bags 

And in our country, is now fully aware of non-woven fabrics on our strengths, so that is now in the non-woven work to vigorously develop a more preemptive products, and then meet our growing demand, this is the most The embodiment of perfect technology. Is what we most want.