Gauze Disinfection

Gauze Disinfection

Medical gauze block is now very common medical supplies, large to the hospital, small to every household must have the major pharmacy in the market can be easily bought. But you sure you buy the medical gauze block must be qualified? The next medical Xiaobian give you talk about the purchase of gauze block should be noted that those aspects.

As a medical supplies, even a small gauze block requirements are very high, some gauze touched very soft, but the gauze density did not meet the requirements, and the color is also bleached by the phosphor out. And even some have not been sterilized and disinfected, for such a gauze we absolutely can not be used in the wound. Not only can not play the role of care, and even serious can cause wound infection.

So how should we pay attention to it, high-quality medical gauze block is a high-density cotton non-woven + absorbent paper combination, double-sided adhesive more firmly. Not only can be used to wound the dressing, bleeding, can also be used as baby's mouth towel, cotton, etc., the effect is good.

If you are found in the use of medical gauze block out of the phenomenon of hair, Xiao Bian suggested that you do not use, this may be the quality, but has been beyond the use of the period. We need to use medical gauze bandage on the injured parts of the fixed bandaged, effective protection of the wound, but many people do not want to go to the hospital for medical treatment, their own just to find a lot of people will be careful to exercise In fact, this is a very serious mistake, because these bandages of the permeability or poor health, not only to patients with uncomfortable feeling will also affect the healing of the bones. The best choice of high quality, health medical gauze bandage, then what is considered a high-quality medical gauze bandage it, the following by Xiao Bian for you to do a detailed description:

First of all, excellent breathability unique mesh preparation technology has a good permeability, to prevent skin damp heat, itching and other issues. Second, comfortable and high security. For the doctor, the operation is simple and practical; for the patient will not produce bandage dry skin tightening, itching and other symptoms. The third point, hardening forming close, water absorption than traditional gypsum bandage 85% less, patients can wear a bandage bath is the best.

Of course, we have chosen a qualified medical gauze bandage, it should be implemented in accordance with the correct bandage method, to maximize the comfort to the patient and help to restore health.