Gauze Excellent Breathability

Gauze Excellent breathability

General factory medical gauze products have two kinds of supply, one is non-sterile, the other is sterile. Sterile packaging medical gauze can be used directly, and non-sterile packaging gauze must be high temperature and pressure steam or ethylene oxide and other methods before use. Buy medical gauze should pay attention to:

(1) The first look at the finished product packaging logo and product manual: Whether sterile or non-sterile factory, the manufacturer's product manual or product packaging should be stated. Aseptic packaging of medical gauze, packaging signs must be stated: sterilization period, the date of manufacture or production lot number, packaging damage ban or logo, one-time use or prohibit the use of logo, check the validity of the purchase, found that Packaging damage is no longer buy or use.

(2) look at the appearance of the product. Products should be soft, odorless, tasteless, white color, does not contain other fibers and processed substances, should not show strong blue fluorescence under UV light.

 Many people in strenuous exercise, it will accidentally hurt the bones, which is the need to use medical gauze bandages on the wounds fixed bandaging, effective protection of the wound, but many people do not want to go to the hospital for medical treatment, just find a curse themselves So-so dressing is done, in fact, this is a very serious mistake, because the permeability of these bandages or poor health, not only will give patients the feeling of discomfort will also affect the healing of bones. Excellent choice of high-quality, medical gauze bandages, then what is considered a good medical gauze bandage it, the following made by Xiao Bian for your details:

First, the excellent breathability Unique mesh preparation technology has good permeability, to prevent skin dampness, itching and other issues.

Second, higher comfort and safety. For the doctor, the operation is simple and practical; for the patient does not produce the bandage dry skin irritation, itching and other symptoms. It is excellent that the skin should be hardened and the water absorption rate should be 85% less than the traditional gypsum bandages. It is good for patients to wear medical gauze bandages. Wet gauze high temperature. For example, steamed bread at home with wet gauze, can withstand the high temperature of 100 ℃.

Gauze, is a latitude and longitude sparse cotton fabric. Is a textile raw materials, cloth, is characterized by sparse, obvious grid.

Industrial emery cloth, other names: iron sand cloth, emery cloth, corundum gauze, dry grinding gauze

Uses: Installed on the machine or manual grinding metal workpiece surface burrs, rust or polished surface. Roll gauze is mainly used for mechanical grinding of metal parts or plywood. Small size for coarse grinding, large size for fine grinding.

General store grocery stores or large supermarkets are sold.

Gauze, is a latitude and longitude sparse cotton fabric. Is a textile raw materials, cloth, is characterized by sparse, obvious grid.

Discrimination method of gauze is good or bad:

You can find a lighter, the fire you buy the gauze, after burning, you can twist the calcined gray. If it is gray, that is pure cotton gauze; if there are small particles after burning, it proves not pure cotton, cotton may be. This method is very simple, just take two minutes of personal time, you can judge it.