Gauze Hydrophobic Hot Melt Fiber

Gauze Hydrophobic hot melt fiber

The gauze blocks are made of a variety of fibers and are printed between the two hot rolls. One of the roller contact surface is flat, the other roller contact surface is used for printing hot melt pattern. If you enter between two parallel plates, caught in it. And the hot air is preliminarily heated at a temperature lower than the heat shrinkage temperature of the hot melt fiber from the pores of the panel. Preheated mesh fabric. And then between the other two parallel plates and caught in them. The radiation is generated when the heating temperature is higher than that of the hot melt fiber. The hot air or the infrared rays are aligned with the holes in the plate at a fairly accurate angle. So that the mesh in the mesh fabric within the hot-melt fiber shrinkage, then appear on the fabric similar to the pattern of bubble yarn, which formed a very good bulky and elastic, and the use of this gauze for wound cleaning, it will not make tweezers Contact with the wound, thus avoiding infection.

 Although the gauze block has a high proportion of hydrophobic fusible fibers. But its liquid absorption is unexpectedly high, so it is particularly suitable for the material as a vampire and scrub wounds and dressing, while gauze block can also be applied to diaper and sanitary napkins and other products. Gauze block substrate for medical skim gauze, formal gauze block should be soft, odorless, tasteless, folding flat, no burr, crop stubble outside. Products according to their use of different forms can be divided into ordinary skim gauze and sewing skim gauze; products according to their delivery status can be divided into sterile gauze and non-sterile gauze block. When we use on weekdays, remember that the dressing can not be excessive force, so that the gauze is likely to stick to the wound, and so the wound will stick to the good, and bad to remove, in addition, when the use of gauze block as much as possible not to touch the water. Gauze block is often used in medical hygiene products, can effectively deal with the wound bandage treatment, is the operating table necessary medical materials, in daily life also has great use, can be used when towels, handkerchiefs, The child's words, but also the home to prepare things to prepare for contingencies. In the purchase should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) early look at the finished product packaging and product specifications: There are two types of finished products, one is non-sterile type, the other is sterile type. Requirements The product description or finished product packaging is stated as sterile or non-sterile way of the factory.

(2) sterile way of packaging medical gauze can be used directly, and non-sterile way of packaging gauze must be high temperature and high pressure steam or ethylene oxide and other methods can be used before disinfection.