Gauze Masks Of The Material

Gauze Masks of the material

Now it is not only in the hospital to use disposable medical gauze block, many families will also buy medical gauze block, because our daily life inevitably bumps, the body skin trauma, which requires us to use hygienic medical gauze dressing The.

The medical gauze block is mainly made of bamboo charcoal fiber material, which is made of bamboo charcoal powder earlier and dried, dried, pre-carbonized, carbonized, calcined, sprayed and crushed to make nano-bamboo charcoal powder, and then bamboo charcoal powder is mixed with polyester or And the bamboo fiber is obtained by spinning the bamboo fiber with the bamboo charcoal fiber, and then the gauze is obtained by twisting the whole piece of the gauze with the bamboo charcoal fiber.

 After careful processing technology made of medical gauze block, is to allow users to rest assured that the use of gauze block, while there is an important indicator is the medical gauze block disinfection and sterilization, which can effectively ensure the use of the process of wound healing enhancement.

Resolution method / gauze editing

Gauze will be divided into two kinds of gauze, cotton gauze, polyester and cotton gauze two, if the time to buy how to distinguish it, to provide a way for everyone:

You can find a lighter, with the fire you buy gauze, burned, you can hand twist about the burning of the ash. If it is gray, then that is pure cotton gauze; if burned after a small particle, it proved not cotton, may be polyester-cotton. This method is very simple, only need to take personal two minutes, you can judge it.

Category distinction / gauze editing

How to distinguish between polyester and cotton gauze and cotton gauze

1. See: polyester cotton gauze than pure cotton gauze color is more bright, and polyester and satin color bright, fiber organization is more compact and compact. Compared to pure cotton gauze color is not so bright look very gentle look, gauze surface will see some cottonseed residue.

2. hand touch: pure cotton gauze soft but not smooth, polyester cotton gauze hand feels like some slippery.

3. Burning: This is also widely used by the industry the most intuitive way. Pure cotton gauze, that is, the flame was yellow, burning smell and burning paper, the edge of the burning is soft, will leave very little gray and black flocculent ashes; polyester gauze close to the flame will shrink and then melt , Take the black smoke, send a taste of inferior aroma, burning edge after hardening, ashes for dark brown lumps, but can twist.

Early use of medical materials from the medical mask, it is used by the filter cloth, the main adsorption bacteria, viruses, blocking pathogens. Dense filter layer using N95 filter, filter particles, can effectively block the wiping, blood, body fluids and secretion Material. The mask band is two long strips that pass through the channels on both sides of the mask. The nose is sandwiched between the upper layer of the filter layer and placed between the dense layer and the filter layer. The material is metal or metal-plastic composite, both plastic and plastic. It is easy to wear when the nose is sealed.

It can be said that medical masks is to protect the health care workers and patients with each other between the infected items, so in the production must be in accordance with national requirements, so that the efficiency of bacterial filtration to 95% or more, which is the most important role of medical masks.