Gauze Roll

Gauze rolls are products used in the administration of first aid, as well as in the dressing ofwounds. These rolls are used in the medical field to treat skin that has been cut, broken, scraped, or burned, so it is crucial that they be stored in sterile packaging to protect the patient from infection. It is quite common for rolled gauze to be used to treat a wound on one of the limbs. This is because the long strip of gauze can be used to wrap around an arm, leg, wrist, or similar body part. As such, the product serves to protect wounds and can also be used to keep other dressings in place.

Medical suppliers that sell gauze often offer them in various widths. This allows medical practitioners to use gauze rolls on various kinds of injuries. For example, gauze rolls that are just 1 inch (about 2.5 cm) wide can be used to treat small wounds, and can be wrapped around smaller body parts such as fingers and toes. Rolls in smaller sizes can also be used in pediatric medicine. Wider rolls, of course, can be used in the treatment and dressing of larger wounds.

In most cases, gauze rolls are made out of cotton. The same is true of most other gauze products that are used in first aid and in medical treatments. The material is very light and has an open weave, which keeps the material from sticking to the wound. Bandages that stick to the wound can cause further damage, especially in the cases of widespread skin afflictions and burns. There are also some kinds of rolled gauze that are coated with products like calamine or zinc oxide, which can help the healing process.

Some kinds of gauze rolls are made out of a material that is specially designed to adhere to itself. The purpose of this design is to aid in the process of dressing a wound. If the gauze is not made so that it easily adheres to itself, the dressing may have to be secured with another product such as medical tape to make sure that the wound remains covered. The rolls come in various lengths, which can be chosen between depending on the intended use of the product. Usually the size of the area being treated will determine the proper length of a gauze roll.